The Carrier of the Mark (Carrier Series #1)

While the cover might look neat, don’t let it fool you! It may as well have white hands holding out a blue apple!

In my last post, I went on a short rant about how much I hate when authors emulate Twilight in their writing, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. This book pretty much does exactly that. I cannot express to you my regret over paying $9.99 for this on my Nook. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT. This was probably one of the worst Twilight copies I have EVER read. EVERRRR! Basically it’s Edward and Bella all over again, but a lot worse. Even Bella (as much as I despise her) had some king of redeeming qualities *eye twitch*. Megan Rosenberg (our protagonist) is the equivalent to Bella in this story. Insecure, naive, and totally dependent on her love interest. Megan moves to Ireland after her dad (AKA Charlie) gets a job there. She meets a group of friends and on the first day of school, a guy named Adam DeRis pays attention to her (OMG YAY! -.-). After that she can’t get him out of her head, surprised? Me either. They eventually start dating thanks to a set of circumstances eerily similar to Twilight‘s (seriously are you surprised?). I won’t even bother to try and explain the supernatural circumstances that bring them together because they were: a. ridiculous and horribly explained and b. they weren’t really that important compared to the LURVE happening in the book

The plot was totally unoriginal. UNORIGINAL I TELL YOU. Yes, the paranormal aspect may be a bit different (no vampires/werewolves as far as I know) but it honestly was exactly like Twilight in every other aspect. Basically the course of the book is Megan seeing Adam, staring at him and obsessing over him constantly, him saving her multiple times, and finally them getting together (SHOCKER!). Honestly there wasn’t much more to the plot than that, just an underdeveloped conflict thrown in at the very end of the book.

The characters are where I’m really going to dig my teeth into right now. Megan was, quite possibly, one of the most horrible protagonists I have ever had the displeasure of reading about. She was totally dependent on her dad, boyfriend, and friends throughout the course of the story – never once did she branch out by herself and actually not be dependent on someone else. Even Bella was better than that, which is SAD dear readers, it is SAD. Megan was just a totally unappealing character to read about, not only because of her lack of independence, but because of her low self esteem and selfishness. Adam DeRis is just like Edward but less appealing. He has the whole “I don’t want to be with you to protect you” syndrome as well – as if he is actually that unselfish! If you’re going to try and emulate Twilight at least give us a good male lead, not some half-ass effort at broodiness and cockiness. Adam also had two siblings eerily similar to Alice and Rosalie, albeit in a flash of “originality” the author made our Rosalie into a male. We also have our Carlisle AKA Fionn who of course, Adam takes Megan to meet the day after they kiss.

Honestly, I don’t even want to write more about this book because that’s how awful it was. The only reason I decided to review it was because I wanted to save some people from wasting money on this crud. It is absolute rubbish I tell you (creatively using british slang to avoid cussing!). If you want to read a worse version of Twilight then by all means, go ahead and read this!!! If you aren’t in the mood for a totally unoriginal plot, unlikeable characters, and a boring remake – DONT READ THIS BOOK! DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER (well you get it) EVER READ IT! I would not even recommend this to someone I hate, that’s how bad it is!


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