Exciting News!!!

Ok so I know I’ve been totally absentee as of late, but summer is almost here and I’m excited! I’m going to have so much time to myself and you know what that means…more reading and more posts! I’ve decided to kick off my summer reading with the book Spies and Prejudice which I have just received an ARC of from Netgalley! I’m reading it today so hopefully I’ll be able to have a review up sometime in the next week! We all know how I feel about spies and modern adaptations of Pride and Prejudice so I thought this one would be a good book for me!!!

I just realized that I missed the one year birthday of my blog! I’m so grateful to have such lovely readers and a cute little blog to write my thoughts on! I hope that I’ll be more present this coming year and that I won’t skip out on you guys again for months at a time (have I mentioned that I’m sorry). I wish you all the best summer reading and let the games begin! (so very Hunger Games-esque of me, don’t you think?)