BBS (Bad Blogger Syndrome)

Hi guys! I know that I haven’t updated this blog since like world war 2 but I’ve been super busy this year with school! I really enjoy blogging and reviewing books but I just haven’t had enough time lately to be writing the kinds of reviews that I want to write. Now I know that this sounds like one of those “I am SOOOOOO busy” pretentious posts but I can honestly promise you that my life has been full of new opportunities and things. I wish that I could say I would try to get a review a week up, like I have been in the past couple of posts, but to be honest it would probably be a lie. I appreciate every single view from the people that don’t mind my excessive use of commas and my over enthusiasm for swoony boys! I hope to update this blog more often because i really do love sharing my opinion about books and weeding out the bad ones!

So to keep you satisfied, I have composed a list of my 10 favorite books that I’ve read recently:

1. Alice in Zombieland (because you know I’m a fool for zombies)

2. The DUFF (because who doesn’t like a sassy and sarcastic protagonist?)

3. Warm Bodies (although not really young adult fiction, it was a great read)

4. Ruby Red/Sapphire Blue (two thirds of a trilogy that takes place in England; this satisfies my British book quota even though the author’s German)

5. Something Strange and Deadly (also involving zombies because lets be real, a girl just can’t get enough of the walking dead sometimes)

6. Secret Letters (intelligent protagonist and swoony assistant detective? sign me up)

7. Unspoken (honestly this book was a weird one – not my favorite yet I found myself silently anticipating the sequel)

8. Second Chance Summer (mostly because it was reminiscent of The Last Song and also everyone likes a summer romance in the middle of winter so…)

9. A Midsummer’s Nightmare (although I read this a while back it is still so worthy of being on my condensed list of favorites)

10. Prom and Prejudice (honestly this is a cheesy, corny, easy book but I love its simplicity and also I’m a fool for Pride and Prejudice remakes – although the original takes the cake)

Hopefully you will read and enjoy this vast array of Young Adult Fiction books! Each and every single one had things that made them irresistible to me – hopefully I will be able to review each one in full at a later date! Happy reading lovely viewers!